Jeep Legend - Willys Ambulance

Willys Ambulance



The Willys 4WD Ambulance stands out as accomplishing two objectives:

1 ) Takes emergency medical assistance cross county to the patient regardless of road or weather conditions, and -

2) Meets the demands of the modern trend toward bringing self -contained mobile clinics to outlying communities now without hospital facilities.

To analyze the market potential for this ambulance, it is necessary to recognize which type of medical service is needed.

Is a full time ambulance required?

The Willys Ambulance meets this requirement with its four stretchers and seating capacity for eight ambulatory patients.

In what areas will the ambulance be operated?

If any part of the area lies off the highway or is served by primitive roads, or if weather conditions even occasionally make driving difficult, the Willys 4-wheel drive ambulance is the logical unit for the job.

Are medical centers few and far between in the area?

A Willys 4WD Ambulance can perform the work of a mobile dispensary capable of returning to the hospital with emergency cases.

Are conditions such that a large number of patients must be transported within a short time?

The Willys Ambulance, with a 4-litter capacity and room to seat eight ambulatory patients, can be quickly adapted to disaster or military work.

An intelligent examination of the market - together with informative selling and a good demonstration - will result in additional ambulance sales and extra profits.



Health Services

Government or Social Agencies

Military and Civilian Defense


This ambulance is used by private, company-sponsored, and municipal hospitals . It is ideally suited for hospitals situated in under -developed territories serving large areas. It is both a "first in" vehicle for situations that can be handled on the spot and an efficient carrier for more serious litter and ambulatory cases needing hospital care.


Health services, government and social agencies, medical programs - all use the Willys ambulance to transport doctors, nurses, and equipment into areas formerly considered inaccessible. Traveling clinics, dispensaries, and first aid units radiating from one strong central hospital can cover a large area. This mobile network system is much more economical than setting up a number of semi-permanent, small and inadequate medical stations throughout a territory.


Civilian Defense services offer a large market for the Willys 4WD Ambulance. Because of its ability to travel cross country and carry four to eight patients, this ambulance is ideal for the type of work required in emergency operations. In these cases, there is no alternate way of performing the needed service with only a 2-wheel drive vehicle. The Willys ambulance sells itself because it is easier to handle, lighter, and more maneuverable, and because its selling price is considerably lower than that of competitive models.

When the need arises for an ambulance to speed doctors and medical supplies .- to the patient and quickly transport him to a permanent hospital, the Willys 4WD ambulance is the answer.


"Go-Anywhere" Ability

Four -wheel drive




Equipped with 4-wheel drive, this ambulance performs equally well on or off the highway. Only 4-wheel drive ambulances can effectively operate in muddy, inundated, roadless, underdeveloped, or disaster areas. The Willys 4WD Ambulance has power in all four wheels in six forward gear speeds.

This ambulance can bring medical aid to patients in areas inaccessible to a -wheel drive unit. It - can also be equipped with a front end winch which will enable it to pull itself or other vehicles out of difficult conditions that would stall any unit even one with 4-wheel drive.


The Willys 4WD Ambulance's ruggedness increases its off -the -road performance. I t is designed especially for cross-country work, not just adapted to it . This vehicle is built on the sturdy 4-wheel drive truck chassis with its reinforced frame, airplane type shocks, etc., and has a sound-proof, rustproof, ventilated interior, and 18-gauge metal straight line body. PUNCTURE-SEALING TUBES in all tires are standard equipment on the Willys 4WD Ambulance to prevent any delay in reaching the scene of the accident or the hospital on the return trip.


The Willys 4WD ambulance has great maneuverability under all driving conditions. The short wheelbase (1 18 inches), high road clearance (8-1 18 inches), and small turning radius (24 feet) account for the fact that this vehicle can go over, under, between, and around obstacles that would either halt a larger 4-wheel drive ambulance or prove impassable to a 2-wheel drive unit.


It has capacity for heavy emergency, disaster, or military work.

It has all the essential equipment in both standard and deluxe models.

It can be used as a mobile first aid station.


The roomy interior of the Willys 4WD Ambulance (7 feet 9 inches longer 5 feet 6 1/2 inches wide- 4 feet 4 inches high) is fitted to carry four stretchers in two tiers. Eight ambulant patients can be seated on the two lower tiers when necessary, or, in the Deluxe Model, on comfortable, longitudinal foam rubber seats.

This vehicle is built to transport the greatest number of patients in the shortest time, in comfort.


The Willys ambulance comes in two models standard and deluxe. Both models have all the essential ambulance equipment.

Four stretchers and folding stretcher supports

Fire extinguishers

Roof ventilation

First aid kit


Crash axe

Linoleum floor

Attendant's seat

Rear bumper and step

White exterior finish

The deluxe model has the following extra features -

Longitudinal foam rubber seats and back rests to hold eight ambulatory patients

Diamond plated floor

Stretcher storage cabinet under seat


The deluxe model more readily lends itself to be used as a mobile first aid station with the added seating capacity and storage space for additional medical supplies. However, none of this extra equipment lowers the stretcher capacity or in any other way limits the usefulness of the Willys 4WD ambulance.

In some instances all four stretchers will be folded up and the full 190 cubic feet interior can be used for carrying other supplies or equipment. Similarly, eight or more men could be comfortably carried, seated and protected from the weather in the Willys 4WD Ambulance. This type of work can keep the ambulance busy in the "off hours" - increasing its usefulness.

Whether transporting a victim from a disaster, hauling cargo, or bringing medical services to the interior, this four stretcher ambulance has the capacity to do the job.


Sales price lower than 2 or 4-wheel drive competition

Lower maintenance costs

Lower import duties


The Ambulance has a low market price. It is a functional vehicle with a straight line design and a choice of two powerful engines. Though much less expensive to produce, it is sturdier and more maneuverable than typical chrome -plated, excessively plush, non-functional 2-wheel drive ambulances. The Willys Ambulance has all essential equipment fitted in the standard and deluxe models but lacks those extra frills that add to the purchase price of an ambulance.


Low maintenance is another feature of the willys ambulance. It is built to stand up under the rough punishment that a 4-wheel drive truck would take in the field - - and it is designed to be used all day long as a mobile medical station or cargo and personnel carrier between emergencies. It does not sit idle like other ambulances waiting for disasters to occur.


For export use the Willys ambulance cuts down import duties. The 4-wheel drive feature allows this ambulance to be imported into countries like Pakistan where 2-wheel drive ambulances are restricted. In many cases import duty is based on selling price. The lower original price results in comparatively low import duty.

This vehicle has been designed to do the job of a large field ambulance and do it over a wider area with more efficiency and economy.