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'Jeep' Personnel Carrier



The Cargo Personnel Carrier was developed by Willys engineers to meet the demand in military and civilian fields for a vehicle with the seating capacity of a small bus while possessing the hauling ability of a 1 -ton truck.

Once the basic need is known, it will be seen how well this particular carrier fills customer requirements.

The Willys 4-wheel drive Cargo Personnel Carrier, with twelve passenger seats mounted on a specially designed body, is built on the 4WD Truck chassis. It has a gross vehicle weight of 6000 pounds, a 1 -ton rated capacity, and is powered by either a 75-horsepower, 4-cylinder, "F" head Hurricane engine, or the 115-horsepower, cylinder, "L" head Super Hurricane engine.

This section elaborates on the uses of the Cargo Personnel Carrier and then summarizes the principal sales features to explain the reasons for its outstanding performance This information is then reinforced by a more de tailed specification section for easy reference.


Like all Willys vehicles, the Cargo Personnel Carrier can go anywhere -- on or off the road. It is highly maneuverable. It offers all the ruggednessand economy of the Willys 1 -ton truck. But it also gives increased personnel and cargo carrying capacity, and other features which have been built into this amazing 4-wheel drive vehicle:

A new, 12-gauge diamond plate steel cargo compartment is built into the chassis with additional built-up sections on both sides extending over the wheels.

Full length seats down both sides of this compartment.

Three built-in compartments accessible from exterior fitted under the seats which can be used as tool boxes or equipment storage space.

Canvas protective covering for the cargo area.

An open type cab with folding windshield provides a low silhouette and allows this vehicle to carry loads projecting over the cowl.

Separate seats in the cab for the driver and passenger permits rapid passage into and out of the rear of the vehicle, when the passenger seat is folded forward.

The Cargo Personnel Carrier possesses the .versatility and usefulness of a 4-wheel drive truck with the added advantages of being able to carry a minimum of 12 men comfortably and handle bulkier, heavier or longer loads.


Functions of this vehicle may be summarized as follows:


It can quickly and comfortably transport 12 passengers seated (with more standing) to areas inaccessible to ordinary 2-wheel drive transportation. Many sugar plantation owners depend on this vehicle to transport their field hands. This vehicle makes an ideal military personnel carrier. Similarly, police forces find the carrier perfect for riot squad work.


This vehicle has the advantage of being able to transport cargo when not being used as a personnel carrier . With a truck bed area of over 26 sq. i t . and a cargo capacity of over 70 cu. f t . , this vehicle can transport bulkier loads than a truck. The diamond plated 12 gauge steel floor of the cargo box permits heavy, sharp-edged loads to be carried without excessive wear. The windshield folds down, and long objects, such as ladders, can be transported. All these types of jobs are more efficiently performed by the Willys Cargo Personnel Carrier than by an ordinary truck.


third use of the Cargo Personnel Carrier is to carry passengers while pulling a load at the same time. These operations are more common with the military who frequently use their carriers to pull weapons. The Indonesian government purchased a large quantity of these vehicles because they could carry 12 men and pull a 5000-pound trailer load.


"Go-Anywhere" Performance

This vehicle, equipped with 4-wheel drive, can comfortably carry its seated passengers (and 4 to 8 standing) anywhere personnel needs to be transported.  This "go-anywhere" ability is the main feature of the Cargo Personnel Carrier, for it can take men and equipment to the job when other vehicles fail.

It has the maneuverability of a 4-wheel drive truck because of its high road clearance of 8-1/8", short wheelbase 11811, turning radius of 24', low silhouette and low center of gravity. These features are the basis of this vehicle's high maneuverability .

The truck bed i s only 2-112' off the ground. This means easy entrance for passengers at the rear . It also assures low center of gravity when the vehicle is fully loaded.

The canvas top is supplied both for the cab and the truck bed area to allow comfortable transportation of passengers in all types of weather. The Cargo Personnel Carrier can readily be sold when this "go-anywhere" feature is needed by the customer.


Power for this vehicle comes from a combination of several factors:

choice of the 75 Horsepower "F" Head Hurricane Engine or the 11 5 Horsepower "L" Head Super Hurricane Engine

Four -wheel drive traction

Gear ranges to suit the load conditions

The "L" Head Super Hurricane engine is ideal in those areas where extra power is needed for particularly rough road conditions.

The Hurricane engine has a high displacement for a 4-cylinder engine. It has a long piston stroke, high compression ratio and efficient valve action from large overhead intake valves. Properly controlled by the correct gear reduction to suit the road and vehicle load, and driving all wheels, this vehicle fully loaded, can go cross-country, up and down 60% grades, ford streams, and lug through mud conditions that would hopelessly mire any 2-wheel drive vehicle.

The extra traction of 4-wheel drive reduces the tendency of the wheels to skid or spin when additional power is supplied. This allows the vehicle to move forward as long as either the front or rear wheels have traction.

A winch, (optional equipment) driven through the front P .T .O. , increases the ability of this carrier to pull itself, or other vehicles, out of conditions that would entrench even a 4-wheel drive unit. The winch is a very desirable piece of equipment if the Carrier is to perform under particularly trying off-the-road conditions .

No amount of power, however, can be effective unless the Carrier can stand up to the punishment of driving over rough terrain. This vehicle i s rugged. It is designed to withstand the jolts and bounces of off -the-road travel. With a reinforced frame, a 18 -gauge steel body, and an extra heavy 12-gauge steel floor, this vehicle can really take punishment of any sort of operating conditions and still carry 607' of its own curb weight as a rated load. This combination of power to take the fully loaded vehicle anywhere and ruggedness to stand up to the hard punishment of daily use proves how valuable this carrier can be.


Economy of operation is derived from the following factors:

Low cost transportation

Low fuel consumption

Straight-line design and rugged construction

Extreme usefulness of the vehicle

Long vehicle life

This vehicle is economical as a personnel carrier because it can haul cargo when not carrying passengers, and can even transport goods and material at the same time by attaching a trailer . Contrast this vehicle's transportation costs with railway rates, air costs, or slower, non-mechanized means of carrying personnel to back country locations. These savings in time and money prove the transportation cost of the Cargo Personnel Carrier to be low.

While the original cost of the Carrier is lower than that of any competitive model, it is built to stand up under rough use with a minimum of servicing. However, when maintenance is needed, its 18-gauge straight-line steel body is easy to weld and repair. This saves labor, thus decreasing the maintenance cost. Low initial cost, little "down time", and low maintenance cost, insure economical operation.

And this means amortization over a long and useful life.

Dependability with Safety

The Cargo Personnel Carrier can perform all year 'round, under all driving conditions .

The three built-in compartments under the seats provide space to carry any sort of maintenance or auxiliary equipment required to keep this vehicle in service when it operates for long periods away from its base.

The interior is rust-resistant and the passenger seats in the cab have plastic upholstery that is impervious to water.

These factors add up to dependability.

The Carrier is also safe to operate because of a low center gravity which gives greater traction and prevents tipping. Extra heavy brake linings allow the Carrier to stop quickly and minimize the possibility of skidding. Further, when descending hills in 4-wheel drive, the engine braking power can hold the speed of all four wheels.

These factors mean extra safety.