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This section explains the technical features of the Universal 'Jeep' and shows how they enable it to perform a countless number of jobs, and perform them so well. It will show why the Universal 'Jeep' is universally acclaimed as the "world's most useful vehicle."

It begins with a brief description of the Universal 'Jeep's principal applications, followed by a summary of its primary sales features. The following pages provide detailed specifications on the engine, chassis, body, hydraulic lift, and power take-off.


This section is the basis for a Universal 'Jeep' Sales Presentation All sales personnel should be intimately familiar with it. When properly presented, together with the all-important demonstration, which is the most convincing proof, it will prove to the prospective purchaser the unique character of the jeep and its true value to his particular needs.

This combination of product knowledge, good demonstration, and selling methods is the key to extra sales.



The 'Jeep' is the first unit to be discussed in this manual because it is the pioneer -- and the pacemaker -- of the entire Willys 4-wheel drive line of utility vehicles.

It was designed and developed by Willys engineers to meet the U. S. Army need for a light reconnaissance vehicle in World War I I. The requirements were: the ability to go places where no existing vehicle could travel -- to stand up under the punishment of corn bat conditions -- to carry both personnel and cargo.

In short, it had to be a general-purpose vehicle or G. P. , as it was called at first. Everyday conversation quickly changed this to 'Jeep' and the name soon became a by-word around the world.


With so much acclaim and interest, the 'Jeep', after the war, was converted and adapted to peacetime uses in the many other fields which demanded powerful, rugged, economical, maneuverable, and versatile vehicles -- fields such as agriculture, industry, mining, lumbering and many others.  Since the end of the war it has been constantly improved and adapted to meet a wider range of job applications under all conditions of weather and terrain.


The versatility of the Universal 'Jeep' i s so extensive -- its uses so great in number -- that a special 'Applications' section is incorporated in this manual. ' For the sake of convenience, the basic applications are listed below:


Like most conventional passenger cars, the Universal 'Jeep' can transport four to seven people economically, in comfort.

But its 75-horsepower engine, its 4-wheel drive traction, its rugged construction, and its unique design make the Universal 'Jeep' capable of doing more than just the work of a passenger car. I t will also do the work of a truck, a tractor, a stationary engine, and a number of other vehicles. It can be adapted from one function to another in a matter of minutes with only minor adjustments. It is transportation plus. For example:


Unlike the conventional vehicle, the highly maneuverable Universal 'Jeep' with its 4-wheel drive traction can be used off the road, in mud, sand, or snow. It will carry its load cross-country, up hills as steep as 60% or more and through passages less than 6 ft. wide. It can turn in a radius of less than twice its own length. This cross -country performance makes it ideal for survey crews, pipeline and telephone line maintenance, lumbermen, hunters, farmers and planters, army and police work, and for those living in places not served by paved roads.


Because of its powerful engine, its 4-wheel drive traction, and its high horsepower to low curb-weight ratio, the Universal 'Jeep' can exert a draw bar pull of 2317 pounds which gives it the pulling horsepower of a 2-plow tractor.

With a winch (rated at 8000 lbs. ) the pulling ability is increased even more.

In addition, the driver and passengers can have full protection against inclement weather. The Universal 'Jeep1 is ready instantly for the job of a 4 to 7 passenger car. These features make it ideal for logging operators, for construction and industrial needs, and for wrecker or other service station work.


The Universal 'Jeep' can carry a payload of 1257 lbs. on or off the road.  This is 56% of its own curb weight. If more capacity is needed, a trailer can be readily attached. It becomes a passenger vehicle in the time it takes to replace the rear seat. This makes the Universal 'Jeep's versatility still more Interesting to farmers, to miners, construction, industrial and utility operators.


The Universal 'Jeep' can push with the same force that it can pull. This is a particularly useful feature to factory and service station operators. Other pushing operations include railroad shunting, grading, light bulldozing, and snow-plow work.


The Universal 'Jeep' is ideal for the small farm. It is the first step to mechanization because it is an all-purpose vehicle. Yet the larger farm needs the Universal 'Jeep', too. Equipped with a rear mounted, readily installed Hydraulic Lift, it can plow, disc, mow or harrow. It can handle all normal tractor functions and perform many of them better than a tractor.  Thus, it is an ideal second tractor on larger farms to handle those extra jobs at peak loads. In addition, it also does the job of a car and a light truck.


Equipped with a power take-off, it mobilizes generators, air compressors, welders, and supplies power for them at the work site. It can power a pump. It can operate a belt for a buzz saw, and do many other jobs where a mobile power supply is necessary. These features make it particularly useful for plantation and construction work and for municipal services.


In construction work, with blade attachments, it can grade, level, terrace, landscape, doze, etc. A few minutes later it can be used to transport the construction crew back home or to another job.

With a trencher, it can dig drainage ditches, foundations or gas line trenches at high speed through rough terrain in one spot and less than one hour later dig another ditch thirty miles away. And when the season is over, it can be used as truck, car, or tractor.

With a front or rear end winch it can pull stuck vehicles, skid factory machinery into place, or pull out trees and stumps.

The Rotary Snow Plow attachment also enables the Universal 'Jeep' to act as a snow remover for smaller streetsand secondary roads in municipalities which cannot afford larger equipment.

In short, the Universal 'Jeep' can do the work of a car, a truck, a tractor, a stationary engine, or a light dozer -- and it can go where no other vehicle can go. It's a multi-purpose vehicle, readily substituting for specialized pieces of equipment when the cost of such equipment in a small operation would be prohibitive, and readily supplementing special equipment for peak load periods.

There are no idle seasons for the Universal 'Jeep'. It has year-around use.  It's the first step in mechanization. It's the first vehicle to go to work in the morning and it's the last to stop in the evening. There is no limit to the number of jobs the Universal 'Jeep' can handle.


The principal sales features of the Universal 'Jeep' are its:








After reading over these first functions the Universal 'Jeep' can perform, it is apparent that the 'Jeep' is indeed an extraordinarily versatile vehicle.

As a passenger car it can carry seven people with ease. It can carry them across country or over the worst roads in any kind of weather, and at speeds up to 70 miles per hour. Visibility -- forward, side, and rear -- is unobstructed, and the side mounting of the spare tire permits extra interior roominess. This makes the 'Jeep' an excellent scout or reconnaissance car as well as a passenger car.

As a truck it can transport a payload of  1257 pounds. The carrying space can be enlarged to 13 square feet simply by dropping the heavy reinforced tail gate to a horizontal position where it is firmly held by steel supporting chains. Additional capacity can be obtained from an inexpensive body extension or trailer, and it has more maneuverability than any conventional truck on the market.


As a tractor it has a draw bar pull of 2317 pounds and a towing ability equal to a 2-plow tractor. Equipped with an easily installed (and easily removed) Hydraulic Lift, it can operate virtually all conventional types of mounted farm equipment with the same ease as a tractor. This simple hydraulic lift will fit any implement using the three-point hitch system. This permits the customer to use his Ford, Ferguson, Massey-Harris, Case, International Harvester, or David Brown mounted farm equipment on the Universal 'Jeep' without having to replace his entire implement line. At the same time, should a customer need : farm equipment, Willys can supply a full line of implements for the Universal 'Jeep'.

The Universal 'Jeep' can operate at higher speeds than a normal tractor due to its extra traction with 4-wheel drive and can perform over the most difficult ground and road conditions.

With auxiliary equipment, the Universal 'Jeep' can handle many other jobs.  It is useful in construction work for grading, light dozing and post hole digging.  The Universal 'Jeep' can either remove snow with a blade or blow it off the road with the Rotary snow plow attachment, and it can be used to dig trenches with the Jeep-A-Trench attachment.

In fact, there is no foreseeable limit to the number of jobs a 'Jeep' can handle. No unit in the world can do so many jobs as well as the Universal 'Jeep'. There can be no complete list of Universal 'Jeep' applications.  In every city and in every community there is some job that can be done better with a Universal 'Jeep'.


The Universal 'Jeep's propulsion power comes from a combination of:

75 HP, "F" head Hurricane engine

Low curb weight

4-wheel drive traction with gear reductions to suit the road

The 75-horsepower "F" head Hurricane engine, -successor to the 63-horsepower "L" head Lightning engine which powered the original military 'Jeep', the CJ-2A and the CJ-3A, has already been described in considerable detail in the "Engine Section" of this manual.

This engine gives the Universal 'Jeep' sufficient power to take a load of 1257 pounds up a 60% grade. However, it is important to note in this connection that the main source of the Universal 'Jeep's power is not in the engine alone but in the ratio of its high horsepower (75HP) to its low curb weight (2243 lbs.).

This unusual ratio, 30 lbs. per 1 HP, greater than that of most vehicles, means far more power than is required merely to propel the vehicle. This extra power permits faster acceleration and allows the Universal 'Jeep1 to tackle rough and heavy jobs.

The performance of the Universal 'Jeep' is particularly high because power can be transmitted to all four wheels. This added traction reduces the tendency of the wheels to spin when additional power is applied and permits the vehicle to move forward even if one set of wheels is unable to take hold.  The low transfer case together with the 4-wheel drive system provides six forward gear combinations to give the Universal 'Jeep' needed power even under the heaviest of loads.

The Universal 'Jeep', when equipped with a Power Take-Off and governor, is also a highly mobile power plant. This auxiliary power is another unique feature of the Universal 'Jeep' as contrasted with conventional vehicles. Attached equipment is powered from the front, center, or rear power take-off points by means of pulleys, belts, gears and other linkage systems. The speed of the power take-off drive is regulated by a 9-position governor which allows the operator to govern the r. p. m. to suit the individual job.

The front power take-off can operate a winch or hydraulic pump.  This winch in itself is a source of auxiliary power in that it will allow the Universal 'Jeep' to pull itself out of such conditions that would stall even a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

The center power take-off is used to operate generators, welders, air compressors and other units that can be mounted directly on the vehicle.

The rear power take-off is used to operate mounted equipment such as sprayers, water pumps, or 6wed equipment such as combines, and such specialized equipment as post hole diggers and mobile drills. With the pulley and pulley drive attachment on the rear PTO, the Universal 'Jeep' can operate belt-driven units such as the buzz saw and hammer mill.


Economy of operation is derived from the following factors:

a. Low purchase price

b. Low operating cost

c. Low maintenance cost

d. Multi -purpose operation of the Universal 'Jeep'

e. Long vehicle life through sturdy design

The initial cost of the Universal 'Jeep' has been kept to a minimum by its simple utility construction without sacrificing quality standards.  The compact 4-cylinder engine from which the Universal 'Jeep' derives its full power performance is less expensive than heavier, larger power plants. Though more rugged, the Universal 'Jeep' is easier to build because production costs are lower. This permits the Universal 'Jeep' to sell at a price equal to or lower than that of its competitors.

The Hurricane engine means particularly low operating costs.  With its high compression ratio, oversized intake valves, and long piston stroke, this 4-cylinder engine requires a minimum, of fuel for the job it is designed to do.

In the Universal 'Jeep' this engine is particularly economical because of the low curb weight of the vehicle itself. No power is wasted in propelling surplus weight. As proof, the Universal 'Jeep' carries a payload equal to 56% of its own curb weight.

Maintenance costs are also low. That's because of the rugged construction and dependability of the engine, chassis, and body. Designed as an all-purpose vehicle to stand the stresses and strains of war, the Universal 'Jeep' represents a minimum service problem in many civilian applications. The high road clearance and the short wheelbase give further protection against road damage.

The airplane type shocks and 18-gauge steel body are straight line designed. This means easy welding or simple replacement, again reducing the maintenance bill. Also the high steel fenders, the easy-opening hood, and the convenient engine mount simplify access to tires and engine in case of emergency.

On top of all this the Universal 'Jeep' is economical because of the many jobs it can perform. The Universal 'Jeep' knows no off-season or rest period. It won't rust in the barn or garage. Thus its cost and upkeep may be amortized over many different jobs. This is a unique selling feature.

Further, the initial cost is also amortized over a very long and useful life. Ruggedness and long life have been designed and built into the Universal ' Jeep' -- just look at the thousands of World War II Universal 'Jeeps' still in operation throughout the world. This is a tested vehicle - and an accepted one as Willys has produced over 1,500,000 'Jeep' Utility vehicles.


Maneuverability is inherent in the Universal 'Jeep' because of:

Its 4-wheel drive

Its combination of low silhouette, low center of gravity and high road clearance

Its short turning radius

Its short length

The Universal 'Jeep's 4-wheel drive traction at both high and low speeds will take it through most any kind of terrain. In fact, official road maps in many countries have a special classification of "Jeepable roads", roads where only a Universal 'Jeep' can get through. With the 4-wheel drive the Universal 'Jeep' will cross almost any kind of country and go up 60% grades from a standing start. With the same ease it can go down these hills using the compression forces of the engine to transmit braking power to all four wheels.

The added traction of 4-wheel drive also means more maneuverability in tight spots by preventing slippage. On the highway, the Universal 'Jeep' is capable of going up to 70 miles per hour in 2-wheel drive. This ability to convert to on or off-the-road applications is found in few vehicles.

The low silhouette of the vehicle, coupled with its low center of gravity, allows the Universal 'Jeep' to maneuver diagonally on those hills that would upset a conventional truck or tractor. This road-hugging ability and narrow width, together with a short turning radius and short over-all length, lets the Universal 'Jeep' go between trees and obstructions that would block other vehicles. The maneuverability of the Universal 'Jeep' is largely the result of its turning radius (less than twice the length of the vehicle) and its short wheelbase.

All this adds up to make the Universal 'Jeep' one of the world's most maneuverable vehicles under all driving and terrain conditions.


The Universal 'Jeep' is designed to handle many different jobs as well as transmit power to auxiliary equipment in many different ways. To do this Willys engineers have designed a rugged vehicle.

Specifically, its ruggedness is brought about by:

All steel construction

Strong "K" frame crossmember

Airplane type shock absorbers

Extra heavy springs

Transmission skid plate

Weather resistant upholstery

Washable interior

The Universal 'Jeep' body is built of extra-heavy 18-gauge steel to withstand the punishment the vehicle is designed to take. The Universal 'Jeep' frame, body and suspension is also built for endurance.

The frame is constructed of high strength pressed steel, welded and riveted channels. It has a box section front crossmember, three intermediate channel crossmembers, and a "K" channel crossmember at the rear. This construction makes the Universal ' Jeep' frame strong, yet gives it sufficient resilience and shock-absorbing qualities to withstand heavy impacts, twists and strains.

The springs and shock absorbers are built with a greater than normal margin of safety since the type of work may change from hour to hour or day to day.

The weather resistant upholstery and washable interior help keep the Universal 'Jeep' clean and in good condition despite weather or operating conditions.

In summary, all parts are specially designed individually and in combination to withstand the heavy punishment to which the Universal 'Jeep' will be subjected every day of its long and useful life.



The Universal 'Jeep' is inherently a safe vehicle. This is due to:

Low center of gravity

Extra large brake linings

4-wheel brakes

Engine compression braking power to all four wheels for downhill travel

Wide range vision

The low center of gravity prevents side or rear end upsets. The Universal 'Jeep' will not flip over backwards when pulling stumps or other objects.  It resists turning over sideways when placed diagonally on a hill.

The extra large brake lining on all four wheels gives the Universal 'Jeep' the power to stop quickly and positively and minimize skidding. The Universal 'Jeep', even at its top speeds, can be brought to a full stop with safety. This cannot be said of most tractors where there is danger of turning over if the brakes are applied when traveling over 10 miles per hour.

When traveling downhill, engine compression acting on all four wheels acts as a secondary brake and keeps the vehicle from "running away".

The Universal 'Jeep's windshield is another safety feature. It protects the operator from dirt, grime and flying stones. Along with the large side windows in the all weather canvas top, it also gives the operator full, clear visibility in all directions.

In summary, if the Universal 'Jeep' is driven with the same care and precaution the customer ordinarily takes with his automobile it will prove to be a safer vehicle under any driving condition, on or off the road.