Under Dash Heater Kit Fits 41-71 Willys and Jeep

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  • Description: Complete Under Dash Hydronic Universal Heater Kit, Fits 41-71 Willys & Jeep. ** See shipping notes below **
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NEW! This is everything you need in one package to stay warm

" 6.4H x 9.4W x 9.35D
" Amperage: Low 4.4, Med 5.8, High 8.5
" Maximum estimated BTU/h: 28,000
" 12V DC 3-speed fan or optional 24 V DC
" Air Flow: Low 172 cfm, Med 228 cfm, High 263 cfm
" Hose barb: 5/8
" Weight: 8.1
" 2 year warranty

NOTE: Built to order. Shipping lead time is usually about 10 to 16 business days.

Looking for additional warmth this winter? This heater is small enough to be mounted just about anywhere and produces an amazing amount of heat for a cold Jeep. 

ts also great for early model or custom Jeeps that may have no heaters at all. Originally designed for the marine industry, its easily adapted to your Jeep. 

The heat is channeled to where you need it with the supplied 2.5 vent hose. One ducted unit can be used to heat the driver and passenger and the other used as a defroster. The heater unit is finished with a durable powder-coated exterior and stainless steel fasteners for durability. 

This heater includes: mounting brackets and hardware, 3-way switch, wiring harness, heater hose fittings, 12 feet of 2.5 vent hose, directional louvers and instructions. Installation requires cutting and custom routing of the heater hoses to the actual heater unit. 

Specifications: 12V DC three-speed centrifugal blower, 3.9/5.0/7.7 amperage draw, 172/228/263 CFM, up to 28,00. 

1941-1971 MB, GPW, CJ-2A, 3A, 3B, 5, 6, M38, M38A1
1946-1964 Willys Truck, Station Wagon, Jeepster

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Many years spent going .... And will keep going back for parts 1946 willys dj3a

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