7-Inch Fender Flare Kit, 97-06 Jeep Wrangler

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  • Description: This 7-inch wide fender flare kit includes all 4 flares, 2 flare extensions, and mounting hardware.
  • Brand: Rugged Ridge
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Create capacity for larger tire and wheel combinations while preventing kicked up debris from damaging your paint job. Oversized Fender Flares from Rugged Ridge provide the room you need to accommodate those large knobby off-road tires and add burly good looks to your Jeep.

Hefty Rugged Ridge Fender Flares are crafted from durable TPR (thermoplastic rubber). This material helps to protect against damaging UV rays that can weaken the flares. Plus, with 7" of protection Rugged Ridge Fender Flares deliver strong impact resistance that fights back against the flying mud and rubble kicked up by your tires.

Rugged Ridge Oversized Fender Flares are paint ready or you can leave them in the black matte finish for stylish accenting. Customized to the year, make and model of your Jeep, these replacement fender flares are a great way to update and protect your ride. Backed by a 3-year warranty.

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